VRTUCAR gets greener

Ottawa, ON – VRTUCAR is excited to announce a new way for its members to help out the environment by opting to offset their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and contributing to Planetair.

“Our members are already a step ahead by choosing to share cars,” says Wilson Wood, VRTUCAR’s Chief Sharing Officer.

“Now we want to give our members the option to further help offset their GHG emissions while helping an audited environmental project.”

Our urban lifestyle demands consumption and transportation options around the city. These behaviours can generate greenhouse gas emissions that have a negative impact on the environment. However, these emissions can be avoided or — at least — reduced. Contribution to Planetair buys carbon credits. A carbon credit is a unit of measurement that is equivalent to one tonne of CO2. Carbon credit purchases go toward renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects and helping to reduce the greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere.

Carsharing itself is one way to make a GHG reduction. According to an MTI report, carsharing households have reduced their GHG emissions by approximately 580 kg.

This is the rough equivalent of nine fewer cars taking the trip from Ottawa to Toronto. To put it more visually:

“The amount of GHGs reduced thanks to carsharing is equivalent to the weight of 207 Chihuahuas.”

All active VRTUCAR members can opt in to participate in our GHG emission reduction program.

VRTUCAR will then facilitate their contribution to Planetair at a rate of. 46 cents per 100 km driven.

For more information about Planetair, visit www.planetair.ca.


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