Vrtucar changes with the season: Price reduction and new look


Ottawa, March 15, 2017 – Vrtucar, an Ontario carsharing company based in Ottawa and Kingston, announces major changes to its rates. It has reduced its hourly, kilometer & daily prices and offers a new, reduced joining fee. With these new rates, Vrtucar has positioned itself as the company offering the most affordable carsharing service in the National Capital Region.

Some of the changes made to Vrtucar’s Rates and Plans:

• Hourly / daily rate reductions for virtually all existing packages (see fee schedule for details)
• Non-refundable registration fee reduced from $ 99 to $ 25

Vrtucar modified its offer and revised its rates in order to stimulate interest in this increasingly popular choice of personal transport, perfectly compatible with public transit. “A person who travels less than 1,000 km per month who does not need a vehicle to work every day can save thousands of dollars a year and do something concrete to reduce its impact on the environment,” said Wilson Wood, General Manager of Vrtucar.

Along with these changes, Vrtucar launched a brand new website as part of the Communauto group, which Vrtucar joined in 2016. The companies have joined forces and expertise to offer residents of the National Capital Region, the best of carsharing. Users can book their car directly from the website for short trips as little as 30 minutes or longer journeys, up to one week.

In addition to rate changes, Vrtucar is planning an expansion of service with the addition of vehicles in the spring.
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Wilson Wood
General Manager, Vrtucar

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