Driver Abstract

In conjunction with my application and potential membership in Communauto, I don’t have my driver’s abstract, and I want Communauto to validate my driver record on my behalf through its third-party insurance broker. A fee will apply to cover the administrative costs required to validate my driving history.

I consent to the third-party insurance broker collecting and disclosing my personal and confidential information, which may include details about driving convictions, demerit points, and license suspensions to Communauto, for the purpose of validating my driving record and eligibility for the program.

I understand Communauto and the third-party insurance broker will use these records for insurance purposes including loss prevention and risk mitigation.

The third-party insurance broker and Communauto will handle my personal and confidential information in accordance with their privacy policies, which are available on request.

All information provided to Communauto, including my drivers licensing number, name and date of birth is true and correct.


Communauto launches one-way FLEX carsharing service in Hamilton

HAMILTON – Monday, June 13, 2022 – The City of Hamilton and Communauto, the oldest and largest Canadian carsharing organization, are announcing the launch of a new carsharing service in Hamilton: Communauto FLEX.

Starting today, a fleet of 25 FLEX cars will be deployed in an area covering 12 square kilometers, across Wards 1, 2, and 3. The launch of the service was made possible by City Council’s approval last year of the Free-Floating CarShare Pilot Program. The one-way FLEX service is an addition to Communauto’s existing round-trip station-based service, which has been operating in the city for nearly 13 years.

With the addition of FLEX service, Communauto be will providing a total of 60 carshare vehicles for members in Hamilton – 35 round-trip vehicles, and 25 one-way FLEX vehicles.

“Communauto is proud to be able to launch FLEX service in Hamilton, and nearly double the fleet size available for residents in the city,” said Benoît Robert, CEO of Communauto. “Communauto aims to offer a sustainable and economical alternative to car ownership, in complement to transit and active mobility. By adding FLEX vehicles to our offer in Hamilton, it’s another great addition that further develops mobility options in the city.”

“One of the City’s key strategic priorities is expanding transportation options to residents, and we are very pleased to do so today with the launch of the new free-floating carshare pilot program, Communauto FLEX,” said Mayor Fred Eisenberger. “This program gives residents more flexibility in how they get around by providing people access to a vehicle without the need to book in advance, allowing Hamiltonians to choose the most appropriate method of transport for their trip. Thank you to our Sustainable Mobility team and our partners at Communauto for bringing this program to life.”

Communauto FLEX: a new flexible mobility option

One-way FLEX service, or free-floating carsharing, is accessed by members through the Communauto app. Available vehicles appear on the map, and can be blocked for use, with a free 30 minutes given to reach the vehicle and begin a trip. Users can make stopovers, run errands, or make out-of-town trips with the vehicles. Once they’re done, they just have to park the vehicle in an on-street parking spot in the FLEX Zone, where free-floating carshare parking is allowed. Then, the vehicle becomes available on the app again for the next user.

FLEX service is geared towards short, one-way trips, and users can easily be spontaneous, where the existing round-trip service is well-suited to multi-hour or longer trips, and vehicles must be reserved in advance (also through the Communauto app) before use.

Users of FLEX vehicles will continue to have access to Communauto’s affordable driving rates. The base Open plan FLEX service has no monthly fee, and its usage costs $0.41/minute, $10/hour, or $50/day. Each trip has 75 kms included in the price, and additional kms are billed at $0.21/km. Other rate plans are also offered, allowing members to use cars for as little as $2.95/hour, plus $0.27/km, with fuel and maintenance included.

About Communauto

Founded in Québec City in 1994, Communauto is the largest carsharing service in Canada and the oldest in North America. Communauto operates in 15 Canadian cities (Waterloo Region, Hamilton, Guelph, London, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Gatineau, the regions of Montreal and Québec, Sherbrooke, Halifax, Edmonton, and Calgary), as well as in Paris, France. With a fleet of more than 4,000 vehicles, it is one of the few operators in the world offering both free-floating and station-based carsharing. Communauto is a private company whose mission is to reduce the impact of cars on cities, while improving access to mobility.


Janet MacLeod
Branch Manager – SW Ontario

Michelle Shantz
Communications Officer
City of Hamilton

Tips and Tricks

Tips for a worry-free winter

Give yourself extra time!

Winter comes with its share of surprises. To avoid being late, we suggest you plan a little extra time for your reservations or consider extending.

Make sure you remove all the snow

Remove all the snow around and on the vehicle before driving away, including the hood, roof, and headlights. Don’t forget to de-ice the wipers. If they remain stuck, they might break, at your expense.

Don’t forget gas and washer fluid

As usual, make sure the gas tank is at least a quarter full when you return the vehicle.

If you use all of the washer fluid in the tank, it must be refilled. Submit your receipts through the mobile app to get reimbursed. Please use cold weather windshield washer fluid (-40°), year-round.


To fight condensation in an efficient manner, it’s advised to set the air intake dial to exterior rather than recirculation. Otherwise, the interior windows will remain covered in mist.

ABS brakes

All of our vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS). If you feel a vibration in the pedal when you brake on a slippery road, it is most likely because the anti-lock brakes are in action.

Please be considerate

Please shake off your boots and the car mats to avoid snow or water accumulation in the car!

…And drive safely!

We can’t stress this enough! In winter conditions, drive carefully and slowly, and try to brake well in advance. Don’t hesitate to refresh your memory on starting up a car in cold weather by reading the manual located in the glove box of our cars.