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The car reinvented

Joining Communauto means accessing a fleet of hundred vehicles that can be rented at low prices for as long as you want. Switching to carsharing means more savings, less hassle, and less pollution!

How does it work?

  1. Find and reserve a vehicle through the app.
  2. Access the vehicle at its station.
  3. Drive! Run some errands, go for a trip or enjoy an afternoon outside the city.
  4. Bring your Communauto back to its original station

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Our rates

Gas, insurance, and maintenance included*.

Open: Perfect for spontaneous use

Subscription is free, you just pay per use. It’s the solution for unplanned outings in or out of town!

$20off with the promo code HELLO


Or $50/day

75km included/trip

(22¢/km after 75km)

No monthly-fee
Reserve up to 30 days in advance

Open Plus: When you want to plan ahead

It’s the perfect solution for those who like to plan…but who are not yet ready to commit!

$20off with the promo code HELLO


or $50.00/1st day
$35.00/additional day

+ 19¢/km

Reserve up to 30 days in advance

Value: Our most popular plan

It’s the ideal solution for those who have regular trips to make, and want to save on longer trips!

$20off with the promo code HELLO


Or $27.65/day


(24¢/km after 75km)

$500 refundable bond
One-year commitment
Reserve up to 30 days in advance
Special rates for longer trips

*Reservation or modification online: free. By phone: $1.50 per transaction from 8am to 5pm and $2.50 in the evenings.

For those wanting more frequent use of the cars check out our Value Plus and Value Extra plans to access hourly rates as low as $2.95/hour. It’s possible to upgrade your plan anytime.