FLEX Pass – How It Works

How does the FLEX Pass work?

You can purchase a FLEX Pass at any time in your online account. Once the purchase is complete, you can start using it immediately.

You must have the Communauto mobile app to use a FLEX Pass.

How to use a pass

Click on the button (1) to activate the pass; click again to deactivate it. The number to the right (2) lets you know the number of trips remaining on the pass.

Please note: once the trip is over, it is no longer possible to change your selection so do not forget to activate the pass before releasing the vehicle if you want to use it!

Conversely, do not forget to deactivate the pass if the duration of your trip means that you will not save enough to justify using a pass for that trip (if you activate a pass for a vehicle you’ve blocked, but then don’t use the vehicle, the pass will automatically deactivate for that trip).

Pro tip: Activate the pass immediately after blocking the vehicle so you don’t risk forgetting afterwards!