All the advantages of a company fleet, without the hassle.

Easy access: use the mobile app 24/7 to reserve and access clean, fuel-efficient vehicles.

Save money on business transportation: less expensive than paying employees’ mileage and add or remove drivers to the Business Membership at any time at no cost.

Included in your plan: gas, insurance, maintenance, and even snow tires.

The benefits keep coming:

  • Available for in-town or out-of-town business trips.
  • Pay only for the hours and kilometers your business needs.
  • Plan your trips with round-trip reservations, or if you’re in Hamilton or Toronto, be spontaneous with FLEX!
  • Enjoy increased accountability. Receive one monthly itemized invoice for all drivers’ trips.
  • Hire the best person for the job regardless of whether they have a car.
  • Promote sustainable commuting options such as transit or cycling, as employees will maintain access to vehicles for work trips.

Go further with Value Extra

  • First year FREE on the Value Extra plan (regular $40/month).
  • Maximize your savings with the Workday Rate – $21.05/10 hours, 40 km included. It’s also possible, depending on the start/end times of your trip, to keep the vehicle overnight without incurring any additional charges.
  • Affordable flat rates for long-distance trips.
  • Preferred rates for the use of FLEX vehicles (available in Hamilton and Toronto).
  • For complete daily, hourly, per km rates, and conditions, see the Value Extra plan details on the Rates page.

Other plans available

  • Value monthly fee: $15.
  • Value Plus monthly fee: $30.

Important Details

  • Business Members are required to pay a refundable membership bond of $1000 to join. (Not required for public institutions). The bond is non-taxable and fully refundable if you leave, after a minimum membership period of one year. Payable by credit card or cheque before the membership is activated.
  • Choose your Damage Protection Plan, to limit your financial responsibility in the event of a collision or damage to a vehicle (at-fault or not). This monthly cost covers all drivers on your account.
    • $0 per collision or damage event: $23/month.
    • $300 per collision or damage event: $17/month.
    • $600 per collision or damage event: $1.75/trip
  • We can set up different billing accounts if you are an organization with many departments, and want each department to receive its own invoice for more streamlined accounting.

Business Registration

Signing up your business is fast and easy! Fill out the Business Registration form to register the business, and use the Authorized Driver Registration form to register authorized drivers, who will be able to use vehicles on behalf of the business. Our Business Membership team will respond within 2-3 business days.

It is possible to separate your drivers into different accounts or billing units (a separate monthly invoice will be produced for each account). If you are interested in this feature, let us know in the message box on the registration form. Please include a name for each account, and tell us how to distribute drivers between the accounts. If your business has already signed up, use the Contact form to send us your request for this feature.