FLEX Parking Guide

Freedom from parking hassles is one of the big advantages of carsharing. There’s no need to pay for monthly parking, and it’s one more way that carsharing saves you money since parking is included when you use a Communauto vehicle! 

FLEX Parking 

Hamilton’s free-floating carsharing permit program allows FLEX cars to be released in non-paid parking zones on-street within the service area, including in time-limited zones. 

FLEX cars can also be released on other streets where there are no restrictions, and at FLEX drop-off points.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to release a vehicle in a zone with temporary parking restrictions (including Through Streets) even if parking is permitted at the time of your return. FLEX cars must be able to stay where you release them for a minimum of 24 hours. 

If you are stopping over within the City of Hamilton, but outside the FLEX Zone, please note that on unsigned streets you are allowed to park for a maximum of 12 hours. 

Where can I end my FLEX trip in Hamilton? 

  • Time-limited parking except on Through Streets
  • Unsigned streets which are not Through Streets

Through Streets and FLEX parking

  • You may not release a FLEX vehicle on a through street.
  • Stopover parking on through streets is permitted if you are abiding by posted signage, and not parking overnight between 2am-7am per city regulations for through streets.
  • You may consult the list of Through Streets below, or see the city’s map of Through Streets.

Alternate-side and other signage

  • You may release a FLEX on the permitted side of the street where alternate side parking is in effect. In most areas, you can park on one side of the street from the 1st to the 15th of each month and on the other/opposite side of the street from the 16th to the last day of the month.
  • Other posted restrictions, such as “No parking 1pm-4pm 2nd Tuesday of the month” must be respected. Please ensure the FLEX vehicle can remain legally parked for at least 24 hours at the time you release it if these signs are present.

FLEX drop-off points

  • FLEX drop-off points are designated parking spaces that are generally outside of the service area but where it is still possible to start or end a trip with a FLEX vehicle.
  • Parking icons on the map are clickable. Click on an icon to find out additional information about a specific FLEX drop-off point.
  • There are five designated locations around downtown Hamilton, with two meter spots each, that are signed as “CarShare Friendly Parking”.
  • You may either release a FLEX vehicle at these designated meter spots, or park a FLEX vehicle there during a stopover, free of charge.
  • These meters are still open to the public for use, so availability of parking is not guaranteed.

Where can’t I end my FLEX trip in Hamilton? 

  • No parking 
  • No parking with time restrictions – even if it’s legal to park when you release the car, you can’t release a car in a time-restricted spot  
  • No parking except by permit – these signs apply to residential permit holders only, they do not allow parking with our carshare permits. 
  • No stopping 
  • No stopping with time restrictions 
  • Loading Zone 
  • Accessible parking spot 

Other guidelines to follow: 

  • Do not end your trip at a parking meter/paid parking zone, or in a municipal lot.
  • Do not end your trip in a tow-away zone, on private property, in front of a driveway/laneway, or in a fire route. 
  • Park 3m away from fire hydrants, and 9m away from intersections.
  • Do not end your trip on a Through Street – please consult the list below.

List of Through Streets in the FLEX Zone by Ward & Neighbourhood

Ward 1

Westdale (west of Hwy 403)

King St. W.
Sterling St. 
Longwood Rd. S. 
Paradise Rd. S.

Strathcona & Kirkendall (Hwy 403 to Queen St.)

Dundurn St. N. and S. 
Locke St. S. 
Queen St. N. and S.
York Blvd.

Ward 2

North End (north of the railway)

James St. N. south of Strachan 
John St. N. south of Simcoe

Central & Durand (Queen St. to James St.)

Queen St. N. and S.
Bay St. N. and S. north of Aberdeen 
James St. N. and S. 
Hess St. S. north of Hunter 
Caroline St. S. north of Hunter  
Hunter St. W.
Charlton Ave. W. 
Herkimer St.

Beasley & Corktown (James St. to Wellington St.)

James St. N. and S. 
John St. N. and S. north of Charlton, and except between Robert and Barton 
Wellington St. N. and S. north of Jackson 
Barton St. E. 
Cannon St. E. 
Wilson St. 
King William St. east of Catharine 
Young St. except between John and Ferguson

Ward 3

Landsdale & Stinson (Wellington St. to Wentworth St.)

Wellington St. N. and S. north of Jackson 
Victoria Ave. N. and S. 
Wentworth St. N. and S. 
Cannon St. E.
Wilson St.
Stinson St. 
Young St.

Gibson & St. Clair (Wentworth St. to Sherman Ave.)

Wentworth St. N. and S. 
Sanford Ave. N. and S. north of Main 
Sherman Ave. N. and S. north of Delaware 
Wilson St.
Delaware Ave.

Stipley & Blakeley (Sherman Ave. to Gage Ave.)

Sherman Ave. N. and S. north of Delaware 
Cannon St. E. east of Lottridge

It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they are informed of Communauto FLEX Zone parking rules. These rules apply only to the FLEX Zone.  

Please follow regular parking rules and by-laws if you are outside the FLEX Zone. Members are responsible for all costs and processing fees associated with failing to follow the parking rules.