Some important winter reminders

The last snowfall caused more than its fair share of situations, sometimes comical, but sometimes dramatic. Not to mention the reputational impact this can have when vehicles are abandoned in places where they obstruct the path of residents or bring complaints from parking managers.

Often, the survival of our stations hang by a thread and we need everyone’s collaboration to prevent it from breaking. Here are the 5 commandments to add to your “good car sharer” toolbox:

Good (re)FLEXes, you shall keep

Some give in too easily to the temptation to temporarily park their FLEX or release it in a space reserved for round-trip vehicles in a station. We have a nice example of this in the photo below (see the vehicle in the background, right). However, this is totally prohibited:

  • It is forbidden to park a FLEX in a round-trip station or elsewhere than in authorized places, which does not include alleys, nor commercial parking lots and even less towing areas (yes, we’ve seen cases…).
  • Vehicles should always be parked appropriately so as not to obstruct traffic.

We strongly encourage you to refer to the FLEX parking guide if in doubt.

Shovel to park (sometimes), you must

It’s no secret that snow makes parking difficult. And even if some people think that our vehicles are as sturdy as a 4×4 or are tempted to parallel park à la “Fast and Furious” in unlikely places, let’s try to show some restraint!

If the car gets stuck while you are using it, you remain responsible for it, and everyone is expected to either fix the situation on their own or contact us for help. But under no circumstances can you slip away without even telling us, as has happened many times in the last week. This is true even in situations that occur at one of our stations, as seen in the photo above.

If this vehicle had been yours, would you have abandoned it in that way? Do we really want to be the laughingstock of everyone on social media?🤔

Reserved parking spots, you will respect

In stations, certain rules must also be respected if we do not want to lose our spots there:

In some stations, it is possible to park anywhere onsite, while in others, specific places are assigned to us. Stay alert to make sure you park in the right place and always consult the station info by clicking on the name of the station in your app to find out the rules applicable to this location.

Accessories, you will put back in place

Believe it or not, a strange phenomenon of duplication or disappearance of accessories leads us to have to remind you that the shovel and the snow brush must remain in the vehicle so that the next member can also use them. Strangely, some vehicles end up with three snow brushes and two shovels while others do not have any!

Please store these accessories in the trunk after using them. It’s never very pleasant to sit on a soggy seat…

Enough washer fluid, you will ensure

So as not to be caught off guard, we strongly advise you to always check the washer fluid level before using a vehicle and, if necessary, that a container is present in the vehicle.

If there is no more, you can buy some. Unfortunately, because of past fraud, it will not be possible for you to pay with the credit card present in the vehicle (these cards only work for gas purchases) but you can provide us with your receipts via the app and you will be reimbursed.

If possible, dispose of the empty containers at the gas station! If you leave them in the vehicle, they will only unnecessarily clutter.

Thank you for your collaboration!

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