Communauto + O-Train =
Downtown Ottawa Mobility

Our shared cars are steps away from the new LRT. Sustainable mobility in Ottawa has never been so accessible!

Join today and get a $30 driving credit.

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Enjoy the freedom of a car without having to bring it downtown!

Book your car on the App or online

Simply reserve a car near you. Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance.

Use the car and bring it back to its
original station

Pay by the hour, or even a day, and never worry about the hassles of car ownership.

Located along the O-Train Lines

It’s the perfect solution if you ever need a car during work hours!

How does it work?

Find one our 150 vehicle, then drive!

  1. Find and reserve a vehicle through the App.
  2. Access the vehicle (at its station).
  3. Drive! Run some errands, go for a trip or enjoy an afternoon outside the city.
  4. Bring your Communauto back to its original station

The best rates and plans


Gas, insurance, and maintenance included

0ther plans are available

Promo code: OTRAIN