VRTUCAR bikes to work

VRTUCAR is a long time sponsor of Envirocentre’s  Bike to Work Month. This year we want to do more than just talk the talk, we have created TEAM VRTUCAR  on Envirocentre’s  Bike to Work website. We encourage you to sign up to log your KMs, if you do not have a participating employer you can add you trips to  your Team VRTUCAR’s total Kms cycled this May. Of course, because VRTUCAR sponsors the prizes, we cannot actually win... this is for your own bragging rights and accountability Visit this link to register for TEAM VRTUCAR and log your cycled kilometers for the entire month of May

Join now!

If you live in Ontario, you will need to provide us with your driving record (3-year uncertified driving record). See “Am I eligible?” to learn how to obtain it, and for more information on driver eligibility.

You can also choose to have us order your driving record on your behalf.